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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions you might have as well


1 Beach Access

Beach Access is excellent, and very close! 

Straight south to 30A, a quick right then left at the beach store and Goat Feathers restaurant and fish market and you are there.  

It has clean bathrooms and an outdoor shower to get the sand off when you come from the beach.


1 What do I need to know about Kick Ash 30A Beach Bungalow?
  1. It’s close to the beach, without being in a loud, high traffic area!
  2. It was originally a Craftsman home, ordered from the Sears Catalog, and located in Blue Mountain Beach.  After a hurricane destroyed so many homes in the area, many were torn down, and several were moved.  This one was moved to it’s current location above flood waters, and re-built.
  3. We purchased it in late 2021, and completely renovated it into the charming beach home you see now.


1 What’s Nearby?

Kick Ash’s location is awesome, because of how many things are nearby.

Of course the beach is super close.

On the way to the beach is the Reef Beach Rentals store, and on the opposite corner is Goat Feathers, a seafood restaurant, and seafood market.  You can literally walk 4 minutes to get your fresh seafood!

Go either way on 30A and find tons of shops, restaurants, bars and sights.  Whether you walk, bike, cart, or drive, 30A has wonderful entertainment, food, and shopping close by.

A short car ride North and you will find gas, groceries, and the main road to get to nearby towns and cities to the East and West.



1 How do we handle payments?

When you book, a booking deposit of half the rental plus the damage insurance is due.  The remainder is due 60 days before your stay.

We use a secure payment service, and we don’t receive your credit card information; only your name, type of card, and the last 4 digits so we can let you know which card you used if asked.


1 How does the discounted golf cart service work?

When you book your stay, please let us know you’d like to take advantage of our discounted golf cart service. We will give you the contact information and your discount code, and let our cart guys know you’ll be calling!

Terms and conditions

1 Rental Terms

As your host, we want to enable you to have the best stay possible!  As our guests, you have some responsibilities.  

  1. If anything needs attention, there is a problem, or something not working, you must let us know right away…or how can we address it?
  2. We have a strict no-pet policy
  3. We have a strict no-smoking policy
  4. If you accidentally damage or break anything, please let us know so we can take care of it before our next guests arrive.
  5. Please take good care of the beach gear.
  6. Relax and have a great time!

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